Luka Johanna Debbeler

Research Scientist

P3 - 'Personalized Risk'


luka-johanna.debbeler [at]
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Why do people despite many disadvantages drink bottled water? Luka Johanna Debbeler was interviewed by Jochen Paulus (WDR5 Quarks) about this question. The radio interview can be accessed here.



The Society of Risk Ananlysis Europe (SRA-E) estabilished a German-speaking Chapter (DACHL) in Ă–stersund in 2018, during the SRA-Europe 27th conference. The objectives are to promote risk research, knowledge and understanding of risk analysis techniques within the German-speaking regions, such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and South Tyrol.

Josianne Kollmann and Luka Johanna Debbeler are founding members and were chosen as representatives of young researchers in the Board of Directors of the SRA-E DACHL Chapter.



Szymczak, H., Keller, L., Debbeler, L. J., Kollmann, J., Lages, N. C., Gollwitzer, P.M., Schupp, H. T., Renner, B. (2020). An increase in vigorous but not moderate physical activity makes people feel they have changed their behavior. Frontiers in Psychology, 11, 1-12.


Debbeler, L. J., Gamp, M., Blumenschein, M., Keim, D. A., & Renner, B. (2018). Polarized but illusory beliefs about tap and bottled water: A product- and consumer-oriented survey and blind tasting experiment. Science of the Total Environment, 643, 1400-1410. Advance online publication. doi: