RISKDYNAMICS: Research Projects


To capture the dynamic nature of risk perceptions and precautionary behaviors, novel methodological approaches and study designs are used in six interconnected research projects:

P1 - Project 1: Contagious Risk Perception: The Social Dynamics of Risk Perception and Attitudes Towards Preventive Behaviors (PI: Wolfgang Gaissmaier)

Members: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Gaissmaier (PI) - Dr. Helge Giese - Dr. Niels Haase


P2 - Project 2: Social Contact Risk: Dynamic Changes in Social Risk Perception and Interpersonal Behavior (PI Harald Schupp & Britta Renner)

Members: Prof. Dr. Harald Schupp (PI) - Prof. Dr. Britta Renner (Co-PI) - M Sc Alex Kenter - M Sc Martin Imhof


P3 - Project 3: Personalized Risk - Changes in Risk Perception and Health Behavior after Multiple Personalized Risk Feedback

Members: Prof. Dr. Britta Renner (PI) - M Sc Luka-Johanna Debbler - M Sc Josianne Kollmann - M Sc Nadine Lages - M Sc Hermann Symczak


P4 - Project 4: Updating Risk – Mindsets, Post-decisional Defensiveness, and Dynamic Updating Processes in Risk Perception and Risk Taking

Members: Prof. Dr. Peter Gollwitzer (PI) - Dr. Lucas Keller


P5 - Project 5: Cumulative Risk - Modeling Risk Perceptions and Risk Taking in Dynamic Situations

Members: Prof. Dr. Ronald Hübner (PI) - Dr. Peter Haffke


P6 - Project 6: Addiction Risk – The dynamics of risk perception and risk behavior in alcohol addiction

Members: Prof. Dr. Brigitte Rockstroh (PI) - Dr. Michael Odenwald (Co-PI) - Sarah Klepper - Alexandra Christian


A1 - (Adjunct Project, funding provided by the EU): Trauma Risk - Modeling Risk Perceptions and Risk-Taking in PTSD Patients

Members: Prof. Dr. Thomas Elbert (PI) - PD Dr. Maggie Schauer