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Project A1 - Trauma Risk

A1 - (Adjunct Project, funding provided by the EU): Trauma Risk - Modeling Risk Perceptions and Risk-Taking in PTSD Patients

The research project ‘Trauma Risk’ will examine the dynamics of risk perception and the PEC-Cycles in association with exposure to traumatic events. Specifically, we will investigate changes in the risk perception of post-traumatic stress disorder patients and healthy controls and follow-up on the impact on real-life risk behavior (drug use, aggressive/illegal behavior, unsafe sexual behavior). Focusing on the manner in which traumatic experiences and the subsequent trauma symptoms relate to risk perception, we will investigate the impact of this dynamic on both the development of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and the thresholds for violent and aggressive behavior. The ultimate goal is to model the interactive dynamics (PEC-cycle) between risk perception and maladaptive coping behavior (health risk behavior, violent and aggressive behavior) as a function of trauma load (Neuner et al., 2004; Elbert, Rockstroh, Kolassa, Schauer, & Neuner, 2006).


Prof. Dr. Thomas Elbert (PI)

PD Dr. Maggie Schauer